Our Partners

Meet Our Partners

We offer you a range of products from our unique multi-product platform to suit your every need through strategic alliances with our reputable partners:-


CIMB-Principle Asset Management Berhad

Established in 1995, CIMB-Principle Asset Management Bhd (CPAM) is a premier asset management company with regional investment capabilities covering Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. It manages more than 60 funds investing locally, regionally, and globally, and is aspired to be South East Asia's Most Valued Investment Manager offering total asset management solutions.

Hwang Investment Management Berhad

Incorporated in Malaysia in 2001, Hwang Investment Management Bhd (HwangIM) is supported by Hwang-DBS (M) Bhd, which has over three decades of experience in the stockbroking industry, and DBS Asset Management Ltd, a Singapore award winning fund house with more than two decades of investment management experience. HwangIM manages more than 30 funds, with range of sector-focus funds.

HwangIM values focus, experience and knowledge. Investment strategy is premised on an absolute return approach, by combining both top-down and bottom-up methodologies, and employs tactical asset allocation strategies. Adopt active and flexible fund management. Average equity exposure is approximately 85% in a full cycle, up to 99% in a bull market and a low as 60% in a bear market.

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