Notice of Adjourned Meeting to Unit Holders of The CIMB Islamic Global Equity Fund

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Meeting of the Unit Holders of the CIMB Islamic Global Equity Fund (hereinafter referred to as "the Fund") that was originally scheduled for 19 December 2013 has been adjourned and will reconvene at 2.30pm on 12 Febuary 2014 at Room 15, Level 19, Menara Bumiputra Commerce, Jalan Raja Laut, 50350 Kuala Lumpur.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT the venue for the adjourned Meeting has been changed to that as stated above because the previous proposed venue cannot be used as it has undergone renovation works.

No changes have been made in the proposals to be voted on by Unit Holders at the adjourned Meeting, which are:-

1.Termination of all the Funds.

That the Fund be wound-up/terminated and upon such winding-up/termination all the properties, rights, income, monies and/or assets to the Fund shall be realized no later than 24 Febuary 2014 or such other date as may be agreed between the Trustee and the Manager in accordance with the Deed and such proceeds (after settlement of all liabilities) shall be distributed pro rate to the Unit Holders of the Fund according to the number of units held by each Unit Holder in the Fund within fourteen (14) days from that date.

2.Authority to Manager and Trustee.

That the Manager and Trustee of the Fund be and are hereby authorized, for the purposes of affecting the aforesaid resolution, to do all acts, deeds and things necessary to give full effect to the said resolution, including any consequential modifications to the Deed, as the Manager and Trustee may in its absolute discretion deem fit, on a date to be decided at the absolute discretion of the Manager in consultation with the Trustee.

For further information or clarification, kindly contact our Customer Care Centre at (03) 7718 3100.

By Order of the Manager

Dated this 30 December 2013

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